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Gorav Datta specialises in the treatment of hip and knee conditions. From minor injuries requiring rest and therapy, to major joint replacement surgery, Mr Datta provides a multidisciplinary approach to care, working closely with physiotherapists and other health care professionals with the aim of providing each patient with the best possible care.

Mr Datta has a specialist interest in minimally invasive surgery and all non-arthroplasty procedures are carried out arthroscopically. He offers treatments at the forefront of hip and knee surgery including the use of stem cells to treat cartilage defects in the hip and knee.

Why choose us

Mr Gorav Datta works closely alongside support staff at our clinics locations to provide the highest quality of care.

Mr Datta utilises the latest developments and technologies and ensures the provision of treatments which are clinically effective and safe with the aim of providing you with the best possible experience throughout.

Stem cell specialists

We also provide innovative treatments that are at the forefront of hip and knee surgery. One example is our pioneering use of stem cells to treat damaged joints and help with hip and knee operations.

We are also the custodians of the ground break Abicus Trial program, being run at Southampton Hospital.

Our blog

Catch up with what is happening at the Hip and Knee Clinics by having a look at our blog.

We have the latest news, events and interesting articles about latest practices, new medical technology and also interesting articles about how to practice safe sports events or just things to watch out for in everyday life.

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We are recognised by all major insurance companies and comply with their fee schedules. For Self-pay patients, initial consultations are charged at £250. For more information please call the Office

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Gorav Datta specialises in all aspects of hip and knee surgery including;

  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip and Knee injections
  • Arthroscopy of both the Hip and Knee (Keyhole surgery that can be used for both Diagnostic and treatment purposes, for example in patients with hip impingement )
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstructions
  • Repair of labral tears

We hold clinics at various locations across Hampshire and London Click here to see where you can be seen.

Visit our hip/knee information and  surgery information pages to read more on the conditions we treat and the procedures we carry out.