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The Ryder Cup

Can Tiger Return

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Can Tiger return to his former glory following his back injury?





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Radio 5 Live

Sunday 24th April 2016 – Live from the London Marathon

Mr Datta speaks to John Inverdale on Radio 5 Live to give his advice and thoughts on training for a marathon and running barefoot.

BBC The One Show

Tuesday March 1st 2016

On the BBC One Show an article featuring Consultant Surgeon Mr Gorav Datta and a patient, Mr Andrew Bramley Hill, was shown along with a report of the important trial Mr Datta is conducting called the Abicus Trial.

Mr Bramley Hill underwent an operation whereby stem cells were used to help repair damage to Mr Bramley Hill’s knees, which was causing him intolerable pain.

The show can be seen here:-


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How cells from your pelvis can repair those creaky knees

Every year, thousands of people are treated for damaged knee cartilage. 

Wendie Lacey, 49, from East Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, was the first in the UK to undergo a new procedure to stop the pain and put off the need for a knee replacement.

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New knee op using stem cells could stop arthritis and extend sporting careers

  • Surgeons at the University Hospital Southampton have designed the new procedure to coat damaged cartilage with stem cells taken from the hip
  • If successful, it will regenerate the remaining tissue, creating a permanent ‘like-for-like’ replacement for the first time
  • Cartilage is a tough tissue covering the surface of joints and enables bones to slide over one another, reducing friction and acting as a shock absorber

By Lizzie Parry

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New stem cell operation could revolutionise treatment of knee injuries

Operation being trialled at Southampton hospital involves coating damaged cartilage with stem cells from patient’s hip
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Press Association
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Revolutionary new jab to fight arthritis

A jab that stops crippling arthritis will revolutionise treatment of the condition, experts said last night.

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Published: Thu, July 24, 2014

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Knee surgeons could prolong sports careers

SURGEONS in Southampton have begun pioneering knee operations that could extend sporting careers.

A procedure is being trialled at Southampton General Hospital where damaged cartilage is coated with stem cells taken from a patient’s hip and surgical glue.

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First published Wednesday 23 July 2014 in News
Last updated 11:37 Wednesday 23 July 2014 
by Joe Curtis, Health Reporter

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