Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip replacement

Total hip replacement is probably the most common major orthopaedic operation carried out in the UK. If you break your hip or have severe arthritis in the joint then it may be necessary for your hip joint to be replaced with an artificial one.  Hip replacements are more commonly carried out on patients over the age of 60 but are performed on younger patients if the surgery will result in a better quality of life for the patient.

How long will my hip last?

This largely depends on the age you were when surgery was performed. Most studies show that after 10 years approximately 90% of hip replacements are still fully functioning in patients that had surgery aged 65 and over.

This figure tends to be lower in younger patients.

What’s involved

Hip replacement surgery can be carried out under different type of anaesthetic depending on your health, preference and expert opinion from the surgeon and anaesthetist.  The surgery usually takes around 90 minutes to complete. An incision (around 20cms long) is made on the outside of the thigh through which the surgeon removes the damaged hip and replaces it with the prosthesis.


Having a Total Hip replacement is major surgery and you will have some pain, however the pain you felt from the arthritic joint should have gone. Your leg will likely feel numb and weak for a few hours post operatively.

The day after your surgery you will have an X-Ray to check that the replacement is still in place, you will also be seen by the physiotherapy team who will usually start you on bed exercises to start with. Some patients are shocked at how quickly they are seen by the physiotherapist but it is important to get moving as soon as possible. You will be on crutches for around 6 weeks.  Post operative physiotherapy will continue for a couple of weeks to help you regain mobility and strength in the hip joint. You will be told what you should and shouldn’t do in order to protect your new hip from dislocating.


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