Unicompartmental knee replacement

What is a unicompartmental knee replacement (UKR)?

In some types of knee arthritis, only the inside of the joint is affected. This is called the medial side.

In cases like this it is possible to only replace the damaged part of the knee and means that the patient doesn’t have to have a total knee replacement!

What is involved?

A small thickness of the damaged bone is removed from the inside of the knee. Bone removal in this operation is much less than in the case of a Total Knee replacement.

The Unicompartmental knee replacement is then placed into the prepared space and fixed into place with cement.

No muscles or tendons are cut during this operation and you will have a relatively small incision of around 8 cm on the inner side of the knee cap. The operation itself takes about an hour.


What Happens Next?

You will see the physiotherapist the next day, they will get you out of bed and start you on your exercise regime.

  • Day 1 post operation; You will be seen by the physiotherapist to commence rehabilitation
  • Day 2 – 3; You should now be able to climb the stairs
  • 4 weeks; It usually takes this long before you are walking reasonably again
  • 3 months; By this stage you should be walking well without any pain and have a good range of movement in your new knee


For more information, read our patient information leaflet Patient Info Form – Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

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