Knee Examination & Injection

Knee Examination is an important part of diagnosing knee conditions! A lot of information can be gained from a thorough knee examination

  •  if there is an abnormal amount of fluid around the joint (an Effusion),
  • if joint is hot to touch indicating an infection,
  • crepitus (grating or crackling sounds) that may be a sign of Osteoarthritis,
  • if there is any ligament damage.

Information gained from a thorough knee examination helps to determine which investigations will be most suitable to confirm your diagnosis. For example an MRI  to confirm a ligament injury.

Knee ExaminationTro burs 1

The video below is showing a Knee examination and injection  by Mr Gorav Datta, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

This is an educational video which also shows how a knee joint should be correctly aspirated.