Knee Examination & Injection 

Knee Examination is an important part of diagnosing knee conditions! The knee is one of the most important joints in the human body and a lot of information can be gained from a thorough knee examination

What can my consultant tell from the examination?

  • if there is an abnormal amount of fluid around the joint (an Effusion),
  • if joint is hot to touch indicating an infection,
  • crepitus (grating or crackling sounds) that may be a sign of Osteoarthritis,
  • if there is any ligament damage.

The knee joint consist of two articulations – this means two locations where bones meet to allow movement. Because there are so many conditions that can cause knee pain and swelling, it is important that the right diagnosis is made. Information gained from a thorough examination will help your consultant decide which investigations will be most suitable to confirm your diagnosis. For example an MRI  to confirm a ligament injury.

Knee Examination

Knee Examination 

The video below shows Mr Gorav Datta demonstrating the correct way to examine the knee and aspirate fluid from it.